Introducing the 28 Day Hormone Reboot Detox

If you feel stuck in a vicious cycle where you feel like you are making no progress no matter you try, then this is the program for you.

Kickstart your hormone healing and weight loss efforts
Support your body as it shifts excess toxins and mobilises fat from the cells
Puts you in full control of your detox experience

The 28 Day Hormone Reboot Detox can help with …

Easing symptoms associated to PMS and PMDD
Weight loss struggles
Food cravings such as cravings for sweet or salty foods
Menstrual related issues such as endometriosis, PCOS and fertility struggles
Sleep problems such as struggling to fall asleep and waking through the night
Fatigue and lethargy
Brain fog and difficulty in concentrating on day to day tasks
Digestive issues such as gassiness, bloating and discomfort after eating

What’s Included in the 28 Day Hormone Reboot Detox

Getting Started Guide

All you need to know about getting started with the program and analysing your current diet and lifestyle.

Introduction to Detox

Discover all about detoxification including the benefits of a detox, what’s involved in a detox and how the body detoxifies.

Introduction to Toxins

What are toxins, what risks do they pose to our health and where can they be found. All is answered in this module.

28 Day Detox Plan

The complete plan that puts you in control! Includes a two week pre-tox, a one week intensive detox and one week recalibration.

Full Video Tutorials

Everything is explained in a series of video tutorials which can be watched at your leisure and as many times as you’d like to help with your understanding.

Downloadable Workbook & Worksheets

The program includes a downloadable PDF workbook and a series of worksheets to help plan and prepare your way to detox success.

What Others Thought

Don’t just take my word for how this program will help you, see what others have said …

Ready to get started?

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to drink juices for a week?

Absolutely not! I’m a total foodie and not a great fan of heavily restrictive food plans. You are in complete control over whether you want juices or not but I promise this detox is very much based on eating real, solid foods!

What makes this detox different to other detoxes?

This program has been designed to put YOU in control. You choose how restrictive this is during your 7-day Intensive Detox by selecting how many and which food groups you exclude. The power to your healing is in your hands.

How will a detox help with my hormone struggles?

High estrogen is the most common hormonal imbalance. When toxins are stored in the fat cells, this causes them to produce excess estrogen which aggravates already elevated levels of estrogen. By reducing your toxic load, you reduce that production.

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